#3 Graduation ‘Me to You’ Bear


Cross stitch details

Name: Graduation ‘Me to You’ Bear
By: Anchor, ‘Me to You’
About: 16 count Aida, 8cm x 11cm
Time to complete: 4 days (completed June 2014)
Enjoyment (out of 10): 9/10
Difficulty (out of 10): 6/10

There’s something about a ‘Tatty Teddy’.

I’ve loved them since I can remember. So when my sister graduated from University this summer, I knew this was the keep-sake cross stitch I wanted to give her.

Don’t be fooled by the size of this cross stitch kit – there were some elements that were harder than they look..

The bear itself, what felt like 50 shades of grey, took some getting used to as I found myself questioning the pattern given the skeins were almost all the same colour. It sounds such simple advice, but you can’t check your colour charts enough times when working on a project with a single colour pallet.


The other aspect to this cross stitch was a little tricky to navigate was the outline of the bear (see above). The back stitch was no trouble, but the little strands of fur coming off the bear to make it ‘tatty’, were impossible to get completely accurate. Nevertheless, I had a good go and made sure that the prominent, longer strands, particularly on his head, were correct. I filled in the gaps for the smaller strands as I felt looked best.

As per my last post, I’m pleased to say that the pattern took the complexity of the outline into account and had a separate pattern for back stitches and embellishments.

My favourite aspects to this cross stitch are easily his little eyes and feet. The french knots (wrapped 4 times around the needle) really do give the bear added personality, while his big fluffy feet look so realistic.

Not a bad result for 4 days work…

J x


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