#4 Giraffes in Black


Cross stitch details

Name: Giraffes in Black
By: Idena Collection for Anchor
About: 16 count HPI, 24cm x 30cm
Time to complete: 4 weeks (completed Feb 2014)
Enjoyment (out of 10): 7/10
Difficulty (out of 10): 6/10

Giraffes are sort of my thing.

I’m known for my love of the creatures by all my family and friends, which means I get bought gems like this from time to time.

Don’t be fooled by the single cotton pattern – this was, at times, a tough project to complete: one wrong move and you throw out the rest of your pattern.

My advice when working on a single-skein cross stitch – always mark off your pattern as you’re going along. I know most will do this as a rule of thumb, but when you’re faced with a pattern sheet with just the one symbol on it, it’s crucial you know where you are at all times.

As promised, I have also taken a photograph of the reverse side of my canvas to show my progress:

Little cotton wasted and you can make the pattern out from just the reverse of the canvas.

One thing…There is one thing I don’t like about this design, however. I find what could have been an elegant, dramatic piece, is actually boxy and cumbersome on the eye.

The giraffe silhouette would have worked better with half stitches running along its neck, head and body to give a smoother outline and, ultimately, a better-looking finish. For a seasoned cross stitcher, this would not be hard to do, but I only realised this too late on into the project.

J x


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