#5 A full-time sewing box for a part-time cross stitcher…


Depending on what mood I’m in I can peak into my many sewing boxes and be inspired and overwhelmed in equal measure.

From card kits and starter patterns, to embroidery books and family requests, my collection of cross stitch memorabilia is in danger of taking over my spare room.

Ask me to pick a favourite and it changes everyday… Is it my current work in progress, the finished canvas I’m yet to get round to framing, the collection of Christmas cards that people look forward to receiving or that one kit I bought months ago I keep promising myself I’ll start soon?
Ask me what I love the most about being a cross stitcher…that’s easy: knowing that no matter how full my sewing box gets, I’ll finish each and every kit inside it…

One day.

J x


6 thoughts on “#5 A full-time sewing box for a part-time cross stitcher…

  1. Snap! I’m building a collection of cross-stitch kits to go with the dress patterns and fabrics I have yet to use! I’ve only recently taken up cross-stitch – I was never very good at finishing projects when I was younger – and now my threads have taken over the sofa!


    • Thanks, it’s actually a book full of different, quirky cross stitch patterns – the butcher piggy is meant to go on an apron, for example. Pretty cool! πŸ™‚


    • Thank you – I seem to have made quite the dent in it recently though, what with Christmas cards and presents made for folks. It does give me an excuse to go and buy myself more in the new year, however! πŸ™‚


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