#8 Done in a day…my first cowl

Following yesterday’s post I thought I’d share my finished knitting project. A snowy soft cowl scarf.

I’m quite pleased with it but in hindsight I should have used a bigger sized needle, as opposed to a 5.5. It would have made the knitting and casting off processes much easier.

You live, you learn…

The pattern’s simple: cast on 75 stitches, kn, pu, kn, pu (cont.) cast off when the cowl is approx 6-8 inches long.

The wool, I mentioned in my previous post, was from a little craft shop in Germany and the buttons were an impulse purchase from an amazing local craft barn! I’m becoming a crafting hoarder!

What do you think to my rustic first attempt? I’m trying to decide if it’s gift-worthy or not?

Now I’ve got knitting out of my system, it’s back to the old faithful: cross stitch.

J x


3 thoughts on “#8 Done in a day…my first cowl

  1. Looks great for a first project! Don’t see why it wouldn’t be gift worthy (as long as the recipient likes cowls, of course :P)

    Have you blocked it yet? I find if I’m debating how much I like a project or if it’s good enough to be a gift, a good wash/steam and setting everything into shape makes it look so much better — usually what I’m worried about is uneven stitches and those straighten right up with blocking.


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