#9 Happily ever after… a cross stitch tale

I have been a cross stitcher, on and off, since I was 11 years old.

I used to live next door to a beautiful older lady, Doreen, who had an incredible talent for needlework and cross stitch in particular. I remember vividly going round to her house after school one day and seeing her then WIP: an intricate forest scene with fairies dancing in the moonlight, and I fell in love.

To this day it’s still the most incredible piece of cross stitch I ever laid my eyes on – glittering, shimmering threads and hundreds of similar-shaded skeins married together to create perfect doll-like fairy face features. I vowed then that one day I’d accomplish a similar feat.

I’ve not…yet.

And while school, college and university got in the way of this particular dream, in late 2012, cross stitch found me again.

I came across a pattern I just had to attempt as a silver wedding anniversary gift for my parents.

Here’s the framed result:

Since then, I’ve been hooked and my ability improves with every canvas I complete and I move ever-closer to the goal I set myself in 2001.

Although this was a gift for my ‘Mumsie Bum’ & ‘Daddy’, I’d like to think their anniversary turned out to be as much of gift for me as it was for them.

This got me thinking about how other cross stitchers’ love affairs started with this hobby – feel free to share…

J x


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