#10 It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…(sort of)

I’m not usually one for Christmas festivities, but this year I’ve been well-and-truly bitten by the bug.

I think it’s down, in the main, to this wonderful blogging community I’m now part of as I’m surrounded by such beautiful Christmas (and non-Christmas) creations on a daily basis. I’m getting so excited to see all the cross-stitched advent calendars and stockings and don’t even get me started on a crocheted Christmas tree I read about today.

So, with an abundance of albeit slightly premature festive cheer, I thought I’d share my first homemade Christmas card of the year. This little guy is heading off to my 80-year-old Granddad’s house, where I’m sure he’ll be given a good home.


I’ve gone one step further than buying just little kits this year and decided to make my own cards. I settled on reds, tartan and traditional embellishments.


I ponder now, as I usually do with my finished pieces, should I have perhaps done something different: in this case I mean sew a Christmas greeting below Ted?

Well, that’s one card down…several to go. I’ll be sure to share once complete.

For now, what do you think of the little chap?

Happy C….ross stitching (nearly had you!)

J x


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