#11 Waste not want not – creating a winter wonderland

So, the second of my Christmas cards is complete. And this one is a little bit special…


I have, for the first time attempted to use my own skeins rather than use those supplied in a kit as I usually do. The pattern is one taken from a little book of 20 mini cross stitch designs by Michael Powell, which I have to say are pretty cool – simple yet colourful.



Rather than use the DMC skeins as advised in the book, I’m using ones I was given for Christmas last year. So, my task was made more tricky in that I didn’t have a colour chart to refer to. Instead, I looked at my bounty of colours and attempted to work out which shades best reflected the design.

I’m really pleased with the result, especially the dual-coloured stitches, which required a lot of forward planning. My advice if you’re working on a similar project is to work out your darkest and lightest shades of skein before attempting any cross stitch – that way you’re better equipped to shade and know your colour limitations.

I also enjoimagey the fact that this cross stitch can be different each and every time – different coloured baubles, a quirky coloured star, even a border or two – nobody will ever know the difference!

As you’ll see, the card is finished off with a little ribbon and a seasonal Christmas fairy. I contemplated adding more, but I’d hate to detract from the centrepiece.


The cat even seems to like it too…

J x


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