#12 My friendly cross stitch framer

I’m determined not just to blog about Christmas, honestly.

But, as I’m sure so many of you dedicated crafters in our little community can appreciate, it’s hard when it’s all hands on deck as we attempt to finish our stack of homemade Christmas cards, decorations, advent calendars or that one last present that you know you’d feel guilty if you didn’t give.

Frustratingly, the latter does limit the amount of sharing I can do pre-Christmas. I’ve recently become aware that my wider family is sharing the link to this little blog (for which I’m grateful, of course), but as I’d hate for them to see cards or gifts prematurely, I’ve resisted the urge to over-share!

So instead, I’ve decided to share a post about a recent trip to my local friendly framer.

This was in fact my first attempt at getting my cross stitch pieces framed and, I have to say, it was a trickier experience than I first thought it was going to be.

Somewhat naïvely, I walked into the shop expecting it to be a case of *point at that frame* and job’s a gud’un, but no, the friendly (and patient) framer asked me question after question about the frame colour, texture, depth, thickness, material I wanted and what mount (double or single, thickness, colour, texture) I thought best-complemented the piece.

She was right to ask of course, and I should know having spent the past 11 months staring down at these canvases – but I needed a bit a lot of help. Ask me to complete a complex counted cross stitch on 18-count aida – that I can do, but this, this was hard.


So, my advice for any cross stitcher embracing the framing process:

  1. Always go for the double mount (preferable a two-toned mount for added effect) – it instantly makes all those months of hard work look even better.
  2. If you have a piece with different coloured backgrounds, consider a coloured mount that will complement it in its entirety. Green might look good with a grassy border, for example, but does it look as good next to your intricate blue skyline?
  3. Be prepared to change your mind. I’m not usually a fan of a white frame, so if someone had told me that I would walk out of our friendly framer’s shop having chosen a white frame, well, I wouldn’t have believe them…

I guess my point is have an idea in your head, but ultimately go with your eye.

I’d love to show you more of this piece but, yep, you guessed it… it’s a Christmas present!

J x


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