#13 The things we knit for love

As I headed out of work this evening I was greeted by a lovely sight: my better half wearing the knitted football scarf I made for him for the first time this season winter.


This rather plain-looking scarf means a lot to me – more than most of the pieces I’ve made over the years. I remember Mr XStitch complimenting me on my modest knitting abilities when we first moved in together and him asking me to make him a scarf to represent Stoke City (his roguish, yet beloved football team from the Midlands, England).

I can remember finding my way on my own to the next village (having recently moved here) to the craft barn that is now my second home, picking the wool and starting on the simple ‘moss’ stitch pattern.

I’m taken back to a time where Mr XStitch sat lovingly watching his favourite scarf come to life and asking ‘how do you do that’ every five minutes (now he knows better than to disturb a crafter when she’s counting!) So, I can hand on heart say I love that piece of knitting.

And although I finished it over two years ago, I’m still waiting to find the perfect cloth badge of the Stoke City FC crest to sew onto it. That will really do it justice.

As I sit and read through so many of your posts, I know a lot of you must have similar love affairs with your knits and cross stitches.

It made me wonder, can you ever truly have a favourite?

J x  


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