#15 My Everest: A cross stitch tale, part 1

I love a challenge. Speak with any cross stitcher, and I’m sure they’ll tell you the same thing.

At the moment I’m attempting what can only be described as my Everest – an afghan, even weave, Tiny Tatty cross-stitched baby blanket for Mr XStitch’s best friend. Oh, and did I mention I’m on a tight time limit too?


In theory this project is no more or less challenging than the ones I’ve completed in the past: the designs are simple enough, the characters are enjoyable to watch come to life and I love the colours and skeins I’m working with. BUT… I still have my reservations:

  1. Firstly, you can see the back – this is the first project I’ve completed where you can actually see the back of the canvas and there’s no getting around that. On the one hand, it has made me think really hard about each and every stitch I sew and I’d say it’s as neat as can possibly be, (judge for yourselves) but on the other, I don’t like how exposed the work is – call my crazy, but it’s like I’m baring my sewer’s soul!
  2. Secondly, this is my first experience using even weave fabric and I’m still wondering – despite my lengthy research – whether I can use a hoop to hold the material taut and, should it make a mark that will require ironing out, can I iron it? At present, I’m loosely holding the fabric in a large hoop and hoping for the best. Any advice would be welcome on this.
  3. Finally: tassel-making. The last stage in creating little baby’s blanket is pulling the ends of the material to make tassels. The instructions make perfect sense, and I’m sure it’ll go fine, I’m just a little nervous that I fall at the final hurdle and ruin the piece at the very end.

All the above means I’m afraid I’ve been lacking the enthusiasm I usually have at the start of a project. Christmas projects have been a welcome distraction of late.

But, time’s running out and soon the bun will be cooked and ready to leave the oven and of course, she’ll need her blanket when she arrives in the height of a good ol’ English winter, won’t she?

So, here it is, so far…



And back


My thinking behind this step-by-step series is that it will help me conquer my Everest. Hopefully, you’ll all enjoy the views along the way.

J x


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