#16 Another day, another card

I seem to have made enough cards to open a small shop recently.

Not that I’m complaining – the idea of making, sending and sharing a homemade cross stitched… anything is a true joy. It’s merely an ambition observation.

This time I’ve taken a break from Christmas card-making to crack on with a Birthday card for a friend of mine. Ironically his birthday falls on Christmas Eve.


I’ve been very careful to make sure that this is NOT a Birthday-come-Christmas card because I’ve heard him complain many a time that this has always been the way he’s received cards and presents for most of his life. Aside for a little embellishment – which I know he’d never say no to – this is a no-Christmas zone.

I bought this Mouse Loft kit well over a year ago and I’ve been keeping it for someone who really appreciates motor bikes. I find it hard to buy and make keep sakes for the few male figures in my life, so when I see a kit such as this, I hold onto it until I find a worthy recipient.

I just hope he’s not reading this right now, as this has been posted a little premature.

Sorry Stef!

J x


4 thoughts on “#16 Another day, another card

    • Thank you – it is hard isn’t it? I might try and come up with some ideas myself next year – set a challenge for myself or something! 🙂


    • Thanks Ginny. Card making has quickly becoming one of my favourite things about cross stitching. You can find the most amazing sampler / starter kits either online (Mouse Loft and DMC do some crackers) or in cross stitch magazines, which are my new-found-love!

      I tend to break-up big projects with little card kits because you get a rush of completion straight away and can either make one up with someone in mind or save for a friend or family member for when the time’s right. 🙂


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