#17 Homemade Christmas hampers

This year, Mr XStitch and I have made a concerted effort to make Christmas less about spending, and more about memories and sentiment. Not that we don’t do this every year, it’s just that I’ve been inspired to look past the many bubble bath kits and endless aftershave sets on the supermarket shelves and really think about the gift I’m giving and to whom I’m giving it.

Hence a slightly off-kilter post…don’t worry, I’ve still found a way to incorporate my cross stitch!

One of my favourite things about this Christmas this year has been making homemade hampers for our family members. They’re so personable and you can spend as much or as little as you like and guaranteed a great result every time.

It’s also a great way of giving a meaningful gift when you’re not sure what your folks want or need, while treating them to a bit of luxury.


For a first attempt, I’m really pleased with our efforts.

To make a homemade hamper all you need is:

  • 3 or 4 treats: wine, chocolate, savories, biscuits, chutney, herbal teas or jam
  • Clear cellophane wrapping
  • 1 or 2 rolls of ribbon
  • Shredded ribbon or straw
  • Sticky tape
  • Gift tags
  • Thread and needle
  • 1 Christmas CD (for listening to while wrapping!)

As you can see, putting together the hamper is pretty self-explanatory. I just have a couple of tips that might help the wrapping process (particularly if you’re working alone).


  • Consider the arrangement when you’re buying the goodies – It’ll look a little strange if you buy treats all the same height as you’ll find it tough to tier the hamper (tallest item at the back, shortest at the front)
  • Always cut more cellophane than you’re going to need – You can always cut-off the excess and it’s easier to arrange the top of the hamper. At £3 a roll, it’s still cheaper than most gift wrap.
  • Set down the items with slightly more cellophane at the back – With the tallest items at the back, this helps when pulling the wrap to the top.
  • Be sure your shredded ribbon or straw doesn’t cover the labels of your treats too much, otherwise the recipient can’t see what you’ve given them.

image…And because this blog is about cross stitch by name, I’ve added a personable touch to the rustic ribbon securing the top of the hampers. A couple of stitches here and there to bring some seasonal shades to the gift.


J x


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