#18 Gingerbread Christmas Trees

I’d hate for you all to think I’m going rogue (cross stitch blogging will resume after St Nick’s visit).

It’s more that Christmas Eve is – without a doubt – my favourite day of the year.

It’s magical. It’s full of wonder and excitement among children and adults alike, and I love the feeling that lingers in the air.

So I thought I’d celebrate by sharing a short post with you all about my morning’s efforts in the kitchen: gingerbread Christmas trees. This combines lots of my favourite things – baking, crafting, gingerbread and, of course, Christmas all wrapped-up neatly with a festive bow.


A simple ginger and orange biscuit, decorated with some simple seasonal embellishments and there you have it. A traditional, tasty top-up gift for any friend or family member with a sweet tooth.



If you’re feeling particularly creative, finish off by making a tower out of the biscuits and wrap in clear cellophane – it looks great and will have people asking ‘did you make these?’ all day long!

Merry Christmas!

J x



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