#19 When Haberdashery Met Sally

The longer I cross stitch, the more I’m a firm believer in ‘the One’.

By that I mean that one particular cross stitch project you gravitate towards for the majority of your time in the hope need of finishing it. Yes, other WIPs may come and go throughout the course of the year as we attempt to keep our hobby fresh and our minds sane, but these are merely passing flings that we distract ourselves with.


In 2014, this was my ‘One’ – a cross stitch that Mr Xstitch’s mum, Sally, bought for me last Christmas. Her love of poppies led her to gift me with this particular pattern and a request: that she could have it back this Christmas, framed.


And this is the final result. You may have read my previous posts #1 and #12, which secretively documented this particular piece’s journey from start to finish.

image200 hours – and two trips to the framer –  later, her wish is my command.

I couldn’t be happier with the result and more importantly, Sally’s delighted, which has made this labour of love more than worth it.

Bring on 2015…

J x


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