#21 My Everest: Part II

With my Christmas creations all signed, sealed and delivered it’s time to turn my attention back to my first pressing WIP project of 2015 Everest (#15).

In between some seasonal baking and finishing-off my Christmas cards (not to mention a complete kitchen renovation – nothing to do with cross stitching, I know) I’ve managed to put in a few hours here and there to crack-on with a special little lady’s baby blanket.

Thankfully, I’m pleased to report, the more I complete the less daunting the task has become. I only hope I finish in time for her arrival later this month and subsequent first visit up North.


The front



The back

After much deliberation, I decided that the best way to tackle this project, both mentally and practically, was to work from the top down. imageThis means I’m completing each individual square in turn (as opposed to finishing all the bears first before moving onto the bows and buttons, then the borders and back stitching) and keeping the afghan material as clean as possible in the process.

The hope is that this will help me to complete the blanket with greater speed and enthusiasm, as I’m witnessing each line and character come to life in turn. It also means I’m not left with an abundance of backstitching to do at the end of the project. I liken this task to leaving your least favourite chocolates in a box until last – you still have to eat them, but don’t have any of the best ones to break them up with…

J x


13 thoughts on “#21 My Everest: Part II

  1. This looks great! I am thinking of doing an Afghan this year but can’t quite decide what characters to use. Can’t wait to see the progress on yours. Are you going to back it with anything once you’re finished?


    • Thank you! No, I’m not backing it with anything, so every stitch matters front and back! A little scary, but so far so good (I think).

      I’ve actually seen a beautiful Beatrix Potter afghan blanket i want to complete too. Might be worth a look if you’re needing inspiration?

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