#30 A little less conversation a little more cross stitch please…

I’ve just realised something!” I said to Mr XStitch the other evening.

“What?” was his X-box-induced-dazed reply.

“I’m really slow at cross stitching… I’ve just finished the little free project in this magazine that should take approximately 4 hours and it’s taken me nearly 7!”

Sensing I was on the verge of a haberdashery episode he paused his generic action-shooter-role-play-magic-wizard-soldier-dragon-monster game, put down his controller and turned to give me his full attention.

“Well, you do watch TV when you’re cross stitching, which can be distracting…

“And you like to make sure the back is really neat…

“And you take your pride and time with each stitch…

“So it’s little wonder you take longer to finish,” he excused.

“Hmmm…” was my less-than-convinced response.


For you newbies to Life’s Complicated So Cross Stitch, you may not have read my recent post (#23) about my recent love affair with cross stitch magazines (up to three subscriptions and counting).

To cut a long blog short, I’m hooked.

imageInitially I struggled to find a down side to my glossy friends, but I’ve cracked it: the ‘approximate stitching time’ guide. This number sitting in its colourful little bubble has made me realise something about my stitching self, something I don’t like: how slow I actually am at cross stitching!

My conversation with Mr Xstitch got me thinking. I have two options – either I lock myself in a room away from Desperate Housewives, Mr XStitch, the Bengal bundle of fluff and my glossy friends in a bid to get on with the two WIPs I currently have on my tension hoops and the many more in waiting OR…

I carry on as I have been and remember that I love my hobby as it is, despite the judgement guide.

By my maths seven hours is approximately four anyway…

J x


12 thoughts on “#30 A little less conversation a little more cross stitch please…

  1. I read something recently about how they calculate the stitching time… I think it was in one of the magazins? Basically somebody stitches it and they write down how long it takes them. Obviously anyone who works for the magazine is going to be waaay faster than us mere mortals, therefore the approx. times are clearly misleading and to be ignored 😉

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  2. I’m pretty sure those ‘estimated number of hours’ only apply to caffeine-fueled-stitch-at-the-speed-of-light superheros! No one stitches as fast as those things predict! Take pride in the fact that you stitch at a regular, laid back pace. And besides…who are you racing against? Cross stitch isn’t exactly a spectator sport! The satisfaction comes in reaching the end and the joy is in watching the progress. Where is the fun in racing through something and not taking the time to admire it?

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    • Definitely, I love taking my time over pieces and watching them come to life. Where;s the fun in rushing through a piece only to, most of the time, give the finished piece away!


  3. Why does it matter how long it takes, if you enjoy it? I have a robot sampler I’m doing and one of the little guys has already taken 9 hours (I’m keeping a log of my time just out of curiosity), but I don’t care. Just take however long you take and above all else enjoy it:)

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    • I agree. I’ve spent 200 hours+ on really detailed, intense pieces in the past and it’s been great. It is a hobby, not a job after all! 🙂


  4. To quote something I have heard a lot lately “It doesn’t matter how long it takes, as long as you enjoy the journey”. I’m sure it wasn’t meant for cross stitch, but it certainly does fit. I am glad you have accepted how you enjoy your hobby. I love to stitch while watching tv. Sometimes I just listen, but lots of times I have to pause and see what’s going on. Whatever makes us comfortable and happy with our hobby, right?


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