#31 My love affair with Bothy Threads…

It was around a similar time last year I completed my first Bothy Threads cross stitch kit and I’ll admit I fell in love.*

Over the years I’ve had my love affairs with many designers and cross stitch kit specialists – namely Anchor, DMC, Tatty Teddy, Beatrix Potter, Dimensions to name few – but Bothy Threads have to be one of my all time favourites.

Each design is so distinctly Bothy. The colours are stunning, the skeins and canvas are of great quality, the finished result is a joy for the eyes and the ears (because of all the compliments) and don’t even get me started on the delicious little beads and accessories!


This is the first and only Bothy Threads design I’ve completed – a baby sampler for a couple that, for one reason or another, haven’t been lucky enough to receive this on the birth of their child. So instead I’ve kept it for myself until the right little cherub comes along.

The playful composition and adorable animals make it the perfect ‘welcome to the world‘ wall art gift.

Since completing the above, I’ve treated myself to this…


And Santa my sister was kind enough to leave me the below in my stocking…


This brings me to the point of this post: *drumroll* new Bothy Thread designs!

Perfect fairytale-inspired cross stitch kits that feature some much-beloved childhood story time characters. And there’s a twist, for a distinctly adult edge to the pieces, each design is in silhouette, is to be completed on multicoloured canvas and has a certain dark quality . I love them all.

My favourites are Alice in Wonderland & the slightly more sinister Hansel & Gretel.


Copyright 2015 bothythreads.com


Copyright 2015 bothythreads.com

I especially love the personality of the Cheshire Cat and intricate detail of spider web respectively.

Now, if our friends would stop having babies…I can actually get my hands on these beauties!

J x

*To be clear, this blog has not been endorsed by Bothy Threads and is merely a blog of admiration


10 thoughts on “#31 My love affair with Bothy Threads…

    • I know aren’t they fantastic?! I’m sure I can talk my purse into buying a couple despite having a hoard of cross stitch kits waiting to be completed! 🙂


    • I know, I’m considering having a couple extra pairs of hands attached to my body so I can stitch several pieces simultaneously! I love the Sleeping Beauty one too, so precious! 🙂

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