#34 What a hoot

From being as little as I can remember, I’ve loved a freebie.

I’m talking rooting to the bottom of a freshly opened box of cereal or eating crisp flavours I didn’t even like, just to be in with a chance of winning a prize. I even used to choose comics I wasn’t remotely interested in just because there was a free gift winking seductively at me through the cellophane.

Fast forward 20-something years and why should I be any different?

Cross stitching is, after all, my greatest hobby, I actually enjoy reading my cross stitch magazines and, the cherry on the cake: they all come with a freebie. JACKPOT!

For my personal taste and pattern preference, I find Crosstitcher to have the best monthly gifts, and I thought I’d share the current mini WIP I’m working on at the moment.

A wise owl scissor case and keeper set.



I particularly love the design and colours. It’s bold, bright and fun. I also like that you’re left to do some of the difficult stuff for yourself, namely the cutting and hemming the aida. You’re also expected to back the pattern with the felt provided too.

imageThough I’ve not got that far yet, I’m hoping to have a little fun with mine and dig some of the many embellishments I’ve got tucked away in my craft cave.

My advice to anyone unsure of starting a mini-craft project such as this: make it your own – that way you can’t ever go wrong and it’s a piece that’s personable to you and one of a kind.

Give this one a go – it’s a hoot!

J x


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