#39 Just another reason why I love cross stitch…

…It’s the beginning of September and already my mind is swimming with Christmas.

Cards, decorations, presents, gift tags – you name it, I want to stitch it.


So thanks, Cross Stitch, for bringing me another source of joy in this world.

Stage one: stitch 50 miniature designs.

Stage two: use left-over creativity to put together 50 original cards.


More on this project to follow in due course…

J x


13 thoughts on “#39 Just another reason why I love cross stitch…

    • Aren’t they? I feel like they all have little personalities!

      The best bit about the cuties is that you can actually see them come to life when you’re back stitching the finer detail.

      I”ve recently picked up Christmas editions of my Xstitch magazines and deciding which other beauties I can add to my ‘to do’ list! I recommend ‘Christmas Cross Stitch Favourites’.

      J x


    • I have a few techniques, but you can’t go wrong with a traditional window card with the cross stitch peeping through, embellished with some Christmas ribbon and choice decorations – trees, snow flakes, angles and such.

      My posts from last year #10, #11 & #14 may demonstrate what I mean a little better.

      Can’t wait to see your creations!

      J x

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      • I buy them from Hobby Craft or online usually. I mix it up and go for different size window shapes, and indeed, card sizes, just for variety.

        This makes it easier should you have different-shaped cross stitch kits to complete.

        Alternatively, you can pick a thick card of your choosing, score and fold as a normal card, draw in pencil on the inside cover your desired shaped and score & cut neatly with a craft knife. All you need do then is place another piece of card over the back to hide the back of your design and neaten up any edging with some ribbon or border peel off stickers.

        It depends if you can find the window cards you’re after without making your own.

        Hope that helps.

        J x


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