#37 She sells seashells…

Delicious cotton colours, a variety of stitches & knots and a cross stitch pattern that’s just the right level of complicated, can you think of a better way to spend a leisurely Friday morning.


Aren’t the colours magic?


J x


7 thoughts on “#37 She sells seashells…

  1. I’m making the exact same cross-stitch!!! It just “spoke to me” in Jo-Ann’s – the soothing colors, and the childhood memories it brings back from growing up in coastal California… I’m actually making it for my sister, though, as she has a beach-themed bathroom, which I spend too much time in when I visit just looking at the lovely shells and smelling the shell-shaped soaps… 🙂 I take it with me almost everywhere, and add a few stitches here and there as I have time – but, yesterday I spent almost 4 hours just stitching – nothing better in the world, great therapy!


    • Hi Kerry, apologies for the late response – I’ve been somewhat AWOL on my blog the past few months.

      How are you getting on with this project – I love the colours too, so peaceful, yet magical at the same time.

      Your memories of Calefornia sound so much more enticing than my 25 years on the chilly English seasides this side pond!

      It’s been a summer of wedding samplers for me, so I confess I’ve not got much further with this WIP than what you see here. I’m hoping to have it finished & framed by the end of the year as a little Xstitch Xmas present to myself!

      J x


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