#49 All sold out, now taking (peculiar) orders!

In just three days I sold all my Christmas cards, making £100 for Cancer Research UK.

Colleagues, family and friends have all been incredibly supportive and generous in buying my cards, so much so, I think I may make it an annual event.

It seems I didn’t make enough (as Mr XStitch is taking perfect delight in telling me), as I’ve taken orders for five more of the Scotty Dogs, which I’ve spent most of my Saturday doing.

I also received an unusual request / order from a colleague.

I’ll be very impressed if you can guess what it is…

I’ll give you a clue, it’s not a Christmas Tree!

Have a happy weekend!

J x


6 thoughts on “#49 All sold out, now taking (peculiar) orders!

  1. Really happy to hear about your cards. Maybe, more next year? Hehe. Congrats on selling out and getting more requests. For the guessing…and I love guessing…a strawberry? Haha.


    • Thank you.

      I definitely think I’ll need to make more cards next year. I’ve had to turn people away this year, which is a shame but lovely at the same time as they’ve clearly been very popular.

      And a good guess, but no, it’s not a strawberry! 🙂


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